Monday, January 6, 2014

Sevilla: Hot Hidden Jem - Another Reason to Love Spain

View from Metropol Parasol
With the economic crisis, you would think Sevilla would seem dirty (maybe like Athens) with poor lining the streets or poorly maintained neighborhoods. Nope - Sevilla is open for business (even in the stifling heat of August)! Whether it's keeping the tourists coming or just keeping people employed, Sevilla appears immaculate, with beautifully manicured parks and drives, clean streets and pedestrian areas (though they must be hosed down every night). Lose yourself in the cobblestone streets in the old town, make friends and party all night long with the students and backpackers from Germany to Japan.

Shades across rooftops offer
 protection from the heat!
In the center of the old town, take in sunset views across the fair town - and get a sense of its cozy size - via the controversial Metropol Parasol. From there you must stop at the world's largest gothic church and traverse the Plaza de Espana, a magnificent edifice & square constructed for the 1929 Ibero-American Exposition (and used in filming the prequel Star Wars flick, Attack of the Clones). Since I'm from Minnesota originally I'm clearly drawn to warmth - so living in a city with Palm trees is my plan. I also love the ability able to eat until midnight & then club all night if you want and, of course, who needs to work between 1 and 3 or 4 - that's siesta time! I am a big fan of the latin schedule - if not those dramatic latin lovers...

One of the largest all-wood structures in the world, the
Metropol Parasol breaks up the old city's traditional feel.
While this may be the more conservative part of Spain, gay bars and areas exist. However, take what happened to me as an example - I planned a "date" from Grindr (or maybe through Gay Romeo) - he was late, but I waited watchin a Catholic religious procession (with much cuter guys). The date didn't pan out - but I still had an experience!

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Sevilla is big enough (and attracts enough ex-pats) that you can find gay boys. Head out to the Alameda de Hercules, one of the main center's of social life in the city. I made some friends at Men to Men (though it's more for the butch & bears), near the southern part of the Alameda. Off the middle of the large square, there is a street with a couple of popular bars - El Bosque Animado that's specifically gay - but others next door are also friendly. You also might just find the eyes of a cute guy with his friends and see if you can steal him away.

Plaza de Espana, featured in Star Wars' Attack of the Clones
After the Alameda, gays party late (like 2am on) cross the river at Lux or at the indoor version (in colder months) Luxuria. My friday night turned exciting when fights broke out and too-drunk boys (& girls) destroyed mirrors in the bathroom - again, careful of those latin loves! But there's more - Itaca is yet another big gay club for your dancing needs.

Sevilla (Seville), while the 4th largest city in Spain and a student hub, becomes overshadowed by the gay life in (party city) Madrid and its gayborhood Chueca as well as (more touristy) Barcelona with it's beaches & much more liberal disposition. Still, the south of Spain offers some of the most beautiful (and warm) country (as well as people) and Sevilla is worth at least a lovely long weekend, as you tour the many wonders of Andalucía.

Your moment of zen from Attack of the Clones, along with fitting political commentary for a country that still has royalty!

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