Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ptown = Gaytown, USA - the most to do - and do it gay! - Part 1

You might have to trudge 20 minutes through the salt marsh – at times watching your feet for crabs and mussels – but you’re rewarded by a gay beach where you wear as little as possible (maybe nothing) plus (as the afternoon light changes) looking back in-land, one of the most beautiful views I’ve seen. Ptown has it all – from fabulous shows, incredible food to the most perfect parts of nature possible. It might be Lands End, according to Michael Cunningham (your must-read book before departure) – but it’s always the beginning of a make-your-own-adventure gay week; don’t just go for a weekend!

The first challenge is getting out here – but it’s not so complicated, with 2 ferry companies operating from Boston 3 times daily, the 90 minute ride is beautiful – and you get a chance for about $90 round-trip to look out over the ocean and cleanse your mind (whether coming or going) the fresh sea air seems to blow all your troubles away. However, unlike going to Fire Island, it’s much more diverse and touristic – I even chatted with (some very hipster) gay Bostonians who were simply day-tripping.

Tip: Take the ferry that makes the most sense for your travel times, but I suggest Boston HarborCruises, they have done it the longest and employ an awesome concierge desk.

Because most rentals still remain Saturday to Saturday, I arrived at noon on the Saturday after Carnival week – where I found thousands of (very hung over) gays lined up to leave – it was clear some didn’t sleep! Many guys I met stayed an extra few days to recover from the week of fun – although I didn’t experience it, I’m certain I will have to: an (even more) incredible, inebriated weekend – with the available natural distractions (like biking, whale-watching and walking the beach for miles).

While it might be a gay town – truly – here, unlike Rehoboth where gays seem to be more of an addition – more tolerated, I would say – and whereas Fire Island is solely gay-gay-gay – Provincetown is seemingly queer-owned and operated (lesbians too) AND straight people are tolerated. As an example, at the piano bar gays are belting out tunes late into the night – but they held a party on an off night (Wednesday) for Bulgarians – who (strangely) make up a large potion of the summer workers. At the end of the day, gays are everywhere and while still maybe a minority here – it’s the minority that matters.

Rainbow flags decorated the main road, Commercial, as I arrived. It looked like gay Christmas had just ended (red and green glitter sparkled in the road). I made my way to my friend’s place, a cute 4-bedroom home behind the Puzzle Place. Big comfy beds make up the majority of the space here – but I didn’t spend much time at home!  Its central location is its prime selling point – right near the wharf for quick departures so you can make the most of your time (and not lug your things far!).
This also proved useful when I wanted to “connect” briefly with a new friend from the night before who had a ferry to catch...

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