Wednesday, January 18, 2017

P-town Part 2 -- Summer is for fun!

Post-interrupted-meet-up before his ferry left

Read Ptown Part 1 first!

I was in the middle of “connecting” with a new pal – in this great centrally located Ptown accomodation. Clearly, he only came – I mean – visited me because it was near the dock where he ferry would depart shortly. However, my housemate was also trying to catch that same ferry....

.....And his laundry was drying in the washer/dryer unit in my room….

KNOCK! KNOCK! – Frantic housemate

“Really! – Now?!...” – under the blankets Ashton

“Yes! I have to catch the ferry!” – Frantic housemate

“What?!” – Confused twink

Planter's Punch at the BoatSlip Inn
If you’re interested in staying at this home this summer (if not this room!), please be in touch and we can arrange a group!

But keep in mind that P-town isn’t exactly about nightlife – besides, you can party inside all winter; now is the time to be outside!  Bars are only open until 1am – thus the main social gay event is earlier from 4-7pm at Low Tea at the BoatSlip Inn. This likely is the best gay happy hour in the world. An expansive balcony holds hundreds – and it feels almost like an “infinity” outdoor patio – with the water beyond, seemingly, it feels like you’re floating (especially when you’re tipsy from the Planter’s Punch). It’s HUGE compared with Fire Island’s Low Tea and no other place I’ve been can compete with this large outdoor space. Plus there’s a dancefloor adjacent to the large deck – with the latest songs of the summer to jam to. This is the best time of day to party.

Here's a little taste:

Afterwards, you’ll go home or out to eat for dinner, perhaps out to one of the many shows – and then back out for drinks & more dancing. Of course, it depends who you’re with – or who you aim to be with.

Also to note, later after 1am, below that infinity balcony at Boat Slip is what’s referred to here as the Dick Dock – the largest collection of let-loose gay boys (really children here) I’ve very seen – it’s basically the biggest darkroom in the world. Whether you want to observe or participate, it’s a must see at least once. Even the friendly father who invited me to join his family at sunset with this wife and kids brought it up! Of course, some folks also have hot tubs and there are plenty opportunities for late night canoodling – it’s a trip you typically want to do with a group, a boyfriend or at least one other person.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t great parties!

Saturday night, for example is the main underwear (or jock!) party at Purgatory – where naturally, I met an older gentleman who quickly bought me a drink …


Read the final part to this blog, with tips on bars, beaches & much more fun!

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