Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Secrets of NYC: Moving into the East Village - Day 1

Last night was my first night in the East Village – and I’m going to start by attempting to make a (almost?) daily blog the best venues for dining & drinking as well as my adventures in the Big City.

A tame but still engaging first evening in the East Village neighborhood included discovering my (likely) hang-outs as well as finding exactly where I can take my (college) dates.

My likely go-to spots - fro-yo & Thai
Yelping along 2nd Ave – after moving in – I quickly lined up the restaurants that I will (eventually) have to try (4 Yelp starts is my minimum). A seafood place with outdoor seating – The Mermaid Inn – and Mexican called the Black Ant – more on those soon. However, 16 Handles I know will be where I spend most of my time – hanging with Vincent – and (apparently) a new girl, Nikky (just a guess at the spelling). I’m sure you already know, you just ask for those tiny taste cups and “taste” all 16 handles – it’s fro-yo ‘til you’re full!

Just a block away, will be my go-to Thai place (a definite requirement for me) – a hole-in-the-wall for just take out (unless you like hangin’ with the staff?) that’s cheap and (from the ratings) very good, EastVillage Thai! However, I can imagine that Thai food is better in Hells Kitchen – I know that it can’t beat my favorite NYC Thai place, V{iv}.

At my birthday event last week in HK with the Jakes!
But what’s more important – is I’ve discovered where I can take my boys to drink – I ran into a boy and his girls (literally, 8 of them) waiting for a table at Dahlia’s for Cinco de Mayo. I ran my hand through my hair – and with a crowd of folks hugging the sidewalk, waiting – I found my line:

“Hey how long did she tell you the wait was?!”

Adorable, smiling and pock-faced Brian, student at Pace humored me, and his (one of many) girlfriends said she had a friend with the middle name Ashton too! However, he definitely a LI/Pace gay – when I told him I’m from outside Minneapolis he said, “oh Indiana?”

I went and checked the wait – yep 45 minutes. Well I returned and told him that my friend (who “was coming”) probably couldn’t wait that late to eat.

My new place in the East Village -
233 E 9th St
That’s when I somehow scared him off, though I remained to chat with two of his girlfriends about the neighborhood. Did he suddenly realize my motives? Who knows. I never can seem to earn the trust of boys who have too many girlfriends (or are a little too blonde). Anyway – thankfully I can take my boys out here, since word is they often attract the young college crowd (wink-wink, nudge-nudge).

So I got my hand-shake and “nice to meet you” (after an awkward few moments behind him as I tried to “say goodbye”), I found some tacos myself over at the Taco Box at Bowery & 4th Street; $4 is a lot for a few bits of meat – but it’s nice to eat out along the street (now that the weather makes it possible).

The neighborhood is truly bro – but the gays are poking around for sure - and the college crowd is in force (thanks Grindr)! I think (maybe) I’ll find it easier to handle than the “sea of twinks” that is 9th Avenue in Hells Kitchen.

But it’s only day 1!


  1. Yes! Looking forward to reading about your adventures ;)

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