Thursday, June 2, 2016

Pensacola Pride: Best Memorial Weekend in the United States

From its beautiful, calm beaches to never-ending party atmosphere, Pensacola Pride - it's Memorial Day celebration - is THE PREMIER party for homos for Memorial weekend! It's only disadvantage is being a little difficult to access. But purchase your flight early enough - or simply make the drive (or hitch a ride) from Atlanta with the large number of attendees from there. Either way Pensacola is a must-go for anyone who enjoys the beach, copious amounts of gays, booze and more.

No where in the US has as beautiful a beach mixed with a remote-enough party scene that remains so inexpensive, yet still so much fun. All the best things here are naturally provided, sandy beach, perfect calm, warm waters and the best guys the South can offer.
How it works is you rent fabulous rooms at the Portofino Island Resort (or a less-central option is to rent a house, but that's not as near the beach), a beautiful 5 tower complex that's the last physical structure on Pensacola Beach. Then you set up your spot on the beach, leaving a canopy to designate your area all weekend. Due to its popularity - and huge economic might in the area, after a law was passed that no items could be left on the beach (last year a storm sent beach material across the entire island creating a huge mess), organizers managed to pass a special exemption for Memorial weekend - to ensure attendees could leave items there (like the canopy, tables or other larger items).
So during the day you chill and party on the beautiful white sand beaches, carrying on and walking the sands with your Bubba keg to keep your drink cool. Don't be surprised (or shy) you'll be offered shots to see your cock along the way! There's also a specific dance tent that basically holds parties all weekend. But around 5 or 6 you return to the Portofino where the pool party has already begun - if you're already turnt, perhaps you'll just skip dinner and end up there (and then shortly asleep if you don't pace yourself!). The best staying strategy is to organize some food in the condo or there in the resort restaurant and then go to the pool party that ends at 10 or 11 -- or whenever enough Portofino residents complain. 

After this of course are plenty of parties organized in the large condos - with lovely wrap-around balconies. There's always a late night beach party Saturday and again this year on Sunday that goes until 4am. Plus you can also get a taste of the local area by catching a shuttle bus (or uber) into town to the one gay bar, Emerald City. Apparently, often protesters are outside the club - but this year none came. Its biggest night on Sunday with an underwear party. But I recommend staying at the beach where the (somewhat illegal) free parties beneath a starry sky are incredible and very unique.

Not only does the party never end but I just love the southern friendly vibe. It's true you might not find the most intelligent conversation (one friend was honored to be told that he helped a group have the longest, most engaging discussion they had all weekend, the final day!) but as another friend said, basic is all you need to have fun -- and especially at the beach, I'll add. Plus, it's a mixed event - many guys I met were there with their crew of lesbians, who originally started the event as a getaway on this remote part of Pensacola Beach.

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